Allen's Rice Cakes (& the recipe)

I feel like I can share a recipe, well I'm not really sharing it, but the creator of this absolutely, delicious, perfect on the ride snack will share with you. Check it out:

Did you love it? Don't you want to go make some in your kitchen right now, then go for a long bike ride? I do! But I'm going to wait until Sunday for that long ride, although I have a batch in my fridge right now.

The next few days may be a little hit and miss around here. I'm headed to Galveston, TX to race in my very first Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. I couldn't be more excited. I have been training since 1 January 2012 and can hardly believe the race is only a few days away.

I'm headed down with 9 other F5 pals, 8 of us are racing and we have 2 great gals as our support. I have a daughter/friend driving down from Austin to meet me, be the go between for my family and coach and have bubbly at the finish. My race number is 1722 and if you track me you are obligated to pray for me. Deal?

I received a call earlier this week from T3 & Triple Threat Racing coach, Shawn. This is a training race for him and he has enjoyed the rice cakes I've been sharing at practices. He asked me to make some for him to try on the bike. I said yes -- like I'd say no, come-on.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry:
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
GF soysauce
What I'll try next time:
I plan to play with this recipe when I have the time, but today isn't the day.
How it Scored:
Barry: 5
Richard: 3.5
JBorn: 5 for flavor, but it kinda fell apart
(I'll have to get back to you about how they worked for Shawn on race day.)

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