Spicy Asian Noodle Soup

Spicy Asian Noodle Soup, page 177

Husband away for the Week + Wife Excited to have him Home + Boys at Sleepover = At Home Date
Sleepovers x 2 + 1 weekend = Thrilled Boys

I knew the chance of talking Jonathan into a date night, after just walking in the door was unlikely. I wasn't upset, but understood. Sure, I'd like to go out to dinner, but he'd just spent a week in Florida in meetings and more meetings, breakfast on the go, with lunches and dinners out. A quiet evening at home would be perfect.

I had a feeling that this soup wouldn't be a big hit with Chas, was unsure of Elliott, but thought Jonathan would enjoy it as an addition to a meal. I'd already decided on Seared Ahi and thought the two would pair well.
So it was:
A table set for two + a mason jar filled with daffodils, from our side yard + soup + ahi over spinach + wine + laughter + conversation + comfy clothes & house shoes = Delicious & Fantastic Date Night In

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
Sriracha Sauce
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
I used the following: chicken broth, tofu, pre-chopped cabbage mix, cilantro, mint, extra lime juice and Louisiana hot sauce.
What I'll try next time:
Ginger, I forgot to add ginger. Which I even picked up at the grocery specifically for this recipe. Other than that, I'll keep things the same.

How it scored:
Jonathan -- 5
'becca -- 5

Have a great morning, make sure to check back later today for Seared Ahi.


  1. Sounds like a perfect night to me! Absolutely love what you are doing!

  2. It was perfect! SO thankful you handed me the book that night. Looking forward to Saturday...It's sure to be a St. Pat's day to write in the books. Girls Day In (joined by the fellas & kids later): cooking and laughing and playing and maybe a little dancing and green...green smoothies, yea, green smoothies. ;)