Angel Hair with Bacon and Sweet Corn

Angel Hair with Bacon and Sweet Corn, page 141

During the week of Spring Break our boys got to spend some time with two of their favorite gal pals. When they get together movie making is high on the list of activities they enjoy. They decided on this meal to fix for lunch and I was behind the iPod recording. (Remember the untechsavvyness I've mentioned, well it shines brightly in my filming abilities. I turned the camera iPod, thinking it would automatically turn with me, but nooooo. So enjoy the little movie sorta sideways. Sorry.)

Here they are at the table eating round one. I believe they all went back for seconds. I believe it was agreed that when you take the time in the kitchen cooking the meal, it tastes better when you sit to eat.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in the Pantry:
Sweet Corn. I forgot the corn the first trip to the grocery. I went back, had to have it.
Additions, Subtractions or Method changes:
They didn't add the tomatoes, but kept them on the side. Only 1 out of the 4 are tomato fans. They didn't add the squeeze of lemon.
What I'll try next time:
I believe it was perfect the way they made it, but Elliott has mentioned that next time he will squeeze the lemon on top.

How it scored:
They made sure to save a little bit for their parents to taste. I didn't get numbers, but they all agreed it was delicious.

Way to go kids!

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