Seared Ahi

Seared Ahi, page 221

I have cooked Ahi many times before using the same recipe written in The Feed Zone. Frequently, I over cook it and my kitchen is a smoky mess when I'm finished. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't have to open the patio door to let fresh air into the kitchen. And then to slice the ahi and discover a nice pink in the center...this date night was on its way to delicious perfection!

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
I had it all.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
I didn't make the Lemon Oil, but served it with raw spinach.
What I'll try next time:
I'd like to grind salt and pepper onto a plate and press fish onto mix, creating more of a crust.

How it scored:
Jonathan: 5
'becca: 4 

a little snapshot of date night in.

Do you ever have dates at home? We do every few months and each time, I find myself asking why we don't do it more often. With the whirlwind of activity happening in a house with boys, moments of calm and quiet are cherished. The conversations we have are often deeper and I believe that comes from the level of comfort only being at home provides. If you do, what does it look like? Do you cook, order take out, rent a movie, play scrabble, dance?

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