Cooking Through The Feed Zone

I am quickly putting words together in order to allow the journey we are taking. It begins at the grocery and ends with spent energy, but is the middle, kitchen - table - meal, which I plan to share about most.

My friend, Chandi, shared a cookbook with me last week. She asked me to check it out and let me know what I thought. Coming from a mom who provides healthy, whole meals for her family I knew I would most likely place an order on Amazon soon. (Which I have, but it is to order a replacement for her. After a weekend & a few recipes already made, it is marked and splattered.) I am hoping she will join me in cooking through the pages of this book and even guest post here from time to time. 

While riding to a soccer tournament for my oldest son I began to read, not flip. I was instantly reading paragraphs to my boys and was no longer concerned about the uncharted territories Lola, our GPS, was taking us into. We had a 2 hour cushion and I had 315 pages to read.

The cookbook, The Feed Zone, was written by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim. Please take the time to click on the links provided to learn their story and of their continued work. Their efforts in the classroom, kitchen, in conversation, on tour and around the table have provided a top notch cookbook for athletes. 

Why am I interested in providing for my family meals similar to those eaten by professional athletes? My number one reason is I love my family. And number two, I wish to provide for them time around the table that is full of conversation, is yummy and will provide the nutrition and energy needed for the lifestyle our family lives. 

Although you will find a variety of family and friends gathering around the table in our home, the 4 most often found are:
Jonathan, my husband, partner as we journey life & supporter. I'm his Dharma and he's my Greg. He wears suits, uses the iron and shines his shoes. I wear yoga pants, use the fluff cycle and have shoes which do not require shining. A former international basketball player from Liberia, he has found weight training and cycling to be the activities he enjoys most. 
Challenge: needs color on his plate and doesn't like onion.
Elliott, my tender heart with dedication like his daddy. A soccer player and new triathlete who set a goal for 2012 to compete in 3 local triathlons. Oh, he's also a mean dancer!
Challenge: getting an honest opinion
Chas, my creative, messy, who makes a game out of everything.  He's also a soccer player and new triathlete. A lover of adventure, I think in the future he's the most likely to trade running shoes & a road bike for shoes with wicked tread and knobby tires. 
Challenge: picky eater,unwilling to try new dishes, doesn't care for green foods. He could live on newly discovered Ramen noodles, cheese, cereal, prepackaged cheese and crackers and toast. 
'becca, that's me. You can read more about me here. I grew up a swimmer, played basketball because of my height, wet my pants at the start of almost every race when I ran track in primary school, picked up running as an adult and decided it was time I worked on a goal I set in my early 20's giving triathlon a shot in July '11. 
Challenge: Trying to get my meals from the table to here. Please be kind, knowing I'm unsavvy when it comes to most things electronic, but will do my best to snap some photos, dig in my pantry for substitute ingredients because I forgot my list on the counter at home.

What you will find here, hopefully. 
The meal, page number, a picture, any changes I may have made and a score, 1-5, from those who shared the dishes. 

What you will not find here...Recipes. I wish to honor the hard work and dedication of the men who thoughtfully put together The Feed Zone. Click here or on the sidebar to purchase. 

Oh, one more thing, if you would like to join us for a meal all you must do is ask. Sharing meals is something our family does well. 


  1. Can't wait to read your blog. I have had the Feed Zone cookbook since Oct. I have loved every recipe I have attempted. It is an awesome cookbook the has involved brevity in preparation and ingredients.

  2. Welcome & thank you for following along. What are your favorite recipes?

  3. Our Favorite as a Family is Bacon Potato Cakes, Then Chicken Fried Rice, Apple Sausage and Allen's Rice Cakes (We make as a meal) Chicken Tacos, Angel Hair with Bacon and Sweet Corn. Favorite Sweet Desert is Peach Crisp (we sometimes use apples) and leftover Rice Pudding.
    One of our favorite snack/healthy meals is his Boiled Potatoes: Which is not in the cookbook.


    and the Video:


  4. Thank you for sharing kirkb! I have bookmarked the recipe and will make them for sure!
    Have a most fantastic day and enjoy the weekend. Any big rides, runs, bricks? Tomorrow is my day off and then Sunday my coach has a 60 mile ride on my calendar in TP. It's suppose to rain...2 days off in a row. Probably not, but here's to wishful thinking. (raising a mug of black coffee)

  5. Bec'

    So happy to find you here. While I am interested in the recipes and eagerly read the words I am most excited about all the images of your family, your table, and your home. What can I say? I am visual ;)

    Love you to the moon,