Recovery Grilled Cheese

Recovery Grilled Cheese, page 138

Yesterday I shared about dinner & movie night that Elliott and I had. We prepared two recipes from The Feed Zone, Roasted Beets and Greens and this, Recovery Grilled Cheese.

I asked Elliott what he wanted from the list shared in the recipe to make his grilled cheese. At first he said cheese, only cheese. He then added bacon and spinach. If I'd have had asparagus in the fridge, he said he'd have liked that, but it was too late. We'd already left the grocery and were home cooking. Next time E, next time.

His was made on loaf whole grain bread, which I can't eat. I didn't have any waffles, but I did have buckwheat crepes. Our favorite local food truck is Crepes Paulette. We were excited to find that they are moving in the direction of selling their naturally gluten free buckwheat crepes in a 6 pack. I was there last week and she gave us a package to try at home. What a treat!

Recovery Grilled Cheese turned Recovery Grilled Crepe for a night. Filled with a spread of cream cheese, a little shredded Swiss, roasted red peppers, spinach and a couple of other ingredients, it was messy delicious!

Kitchen Action
Lacking in the Pantry:
Additions, Subtractions or Method changes:
Crepe for bread
What I'll try next time:
I'll play with more ingredients inside and try it on GF bread, although I'm quite certain that bread will not top the crepe.

How it scored:
Elliott: 5
'becca: 5

If you are a parent of more than one kiddo, do you find it difficult to get one on one time with your kids? What are your tricks? What are your favorite activities? I'd love to hear.

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