Savory Bread Cakes, page 92

Savory Bread Cakes, page 92

I have to teach my boys about the cleaning up the kitchen part of cooking! I think it took me as long to clean up the bacon splatters, as it did for them to make these savory cakes. Chas wanted to make this recipe. He loves bacon.

Here is what they had to say about making it...
I cut the bread. We used a cheese & pepperoni bread instead of regular wheat bread. I took a lot of pictures with  my iPod, but I forgot my email password, so I couldn't email them to my mom. Chas cooked the bacon. I stirred it and put it in the oven to bake. When 20 minutes were up, I tasted it, and decided it needed to go back into the over for 10 more. Then it finished and we could take it to our friends to try after our Triple Threat Racing track session.

I LOVE it {bacon}! I cooked the bacon and it popped and hit my arm and it hurt. And then I let the bacon cool and cut it with scissors into the bowl where Elliott put the bread. I poured eggs and other ingredients together. And then we got that (he pointed to the picture in the cookbook).

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
Favorite Bread: The original plan was to stop by Panera and get Asiago bagles. When we saw the cheese & pepperoni bread at the grocery, we decided this would be perfect. So we skipped Panera.
We used Flax milk and extra cheese and extra bacon. We skipped the brown sugar part.
What I'll try next time:
We will keep it the same.

How it scored:
If we are not at the soccer pitch on Saturday mornings, you will find us at the track with the adults from T3 Training Systems and the athletes from Triple Threat Racing. After workouts we are always hungry. So we thought we would make this and share it. It was a great idea, because everyone loved it. We ate it and drank chocolate milk. 
Elliott: 4
Chas: 5
Jonathan: 4
Coach Aly: 5
Coach Julie: 4
A (TTR athlete): 5
G (TTR athlete): 4


  1. Definitely will try this one! Will try to be brave and let my kids make it.... will have to let go of my control freakishness!

  2. It was a big hit at the track. Yesterday at practice, Chas said, I think we should make something have time to have with our recovery chocolate milk. That's my boy!

    Not sure how it will do with GF bread since it falls apart so easily. The next time I make rice waffles, I'll save some and try.

  3. Funny I made this last weekend. I began with 4c bread as the books calls for, but with 2c mils and 4 eggs it was far too wet. I added 2 more slices (cubed) but it was still really wet and cooked for 50 min before it set. It was good, but the ratio seemed way off. Next time I'll probably drop down to 1.5c milk and 3 eggs and keep the 6 cups of bread.