Waffle part of the Waffle Ride Sandwich

Waffle part of the Waffle Ride Sandwich, page 109

I have decided I need a rice cooker. I knew the day would come when I wished I had not donated it to Goodwill 8 years ago and that day is today. Any recommendations? Regular? Multifunction? Programmable?

I made 2 batches of waffles. I followed the recipe the first time and the second time I tried a different rice to flour ratio. I served them both as breakfast: 3 different fellas, 3 different ways.
     Jonathan: Waffles topped with eggs
     Elliott: Waffles topped with butter and maple syrup
     Chas: Waffles with melted butter and powdered sugar
That morning I ate mine plain, in-between making lunches, sipping coffee and pouring another batch into the waffle iron.

I didn't make a sandwich, but placed 2 of them in a baggie, then in the back of my jersey and took them on a long ride the following day. They sure hit the spot when I found myself having missed a turn and in Oklahoma instead of Arkansas.

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
ripe banana
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
Batch 1: mango for banana, honey for molasses, rice flour
Batch 2: I used the same substitutions as in batch 1. Then I changed the rice/flour ration. I used half as much rice and 1 cup of rice flour, also added a teaspoon of xanthan gum. If you have not used xanthun gum, it is quite crucial to many gluten free baked goods. It helps bind the ingredients together.
What I'll try next time:
First, I'll try not missing my turn on the bike.
Sharpie + Directions + Arm = AR to MO, instead of AR to OK
And second, I'll double this recipe, keeping some in the freezer. As you will see soon, I have other ways to enjoy them. 

How it scored:
Batch 1
Elliott: 2
Chas: 1
Jonathan: 3
'becca: 4
Aly: 5 She had these the same time I shared these. Both post run. Both hit the spot. 

Batch 2
Elliott: 3
Chas: 3
'becca: 5 

As I was checking around online for other people using The Feed Zone, I ran across this post. Jason Bahamundi reviews a recipe a week from The Feed Zone, as well as other books, recipes and cookbooks geared for endurance athletes. Thanks Jason for sharing your experience.

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