Chicken Tikka Masala

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I was thrilled that the first meal I prepared was a success! Everyone in our family said it was a meal they would like to share again, even Chas. Classically, I didn't read the recipe in full before I decided I'd prepare it as a post soccer practice dinner. Requiring at least 1 hour to marinate, I was thankful I'd started preparing prior to the boys 2 hour soccer practice. Jonathan would handle soccer practice, I'd finished the prep work, pop the chicken in the fridge and run a few errands before I headed back home to the kitchen and cook the meal.

I served the chicken over a bed of black Thai rice, saving the only white rice I had for rice cakes. In my bowl, I added a layer of raw spinach between the rice and chicken.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in pantry:
Tomato Sauce, substitute Tomato Paste and a overflowing + 3 handful of cherry tomatoes
White Rice, substituted Black Thai Rice
Plain Yogurt, substituted plain Greek yogurt
Additions & Subtractions:
I only used 1/2 onion which was cut into large chunks, allowing easy removal for Jonathan
Tropical Heat Chicken Masala, a favorite spice I buy in Rwanda
Spinach,, I needed something green
What I'd do different: 
Prepare chicken in the morning, allowing it to marinate for the day. I'd also like to divide it into two bowls adding ginger to one. 3 out of the 4 of us like ginger. Can you guess who doesn't?
How the boys scored the meal:
Jonathan ~ 4
Elliott ~ 4
Chas ~ 3

Please be patient with me as I try to find a format which will allow for easy posting and sharing. If you have ideas or additions you would like to see, please comment.

Enjoy your day. I'm headed to the track for a sprint workout. It tore me up last week and I'm not expecting anything less today.

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