Breakfast for Dinner Part 3: Rice & Banana Pancakes

Rice & Banana Pancakes, page 72

So this meal as a whole wasn't a flying success with Chas, only half way with Elliott and Jonathan, because he's the best, cleaned his plate. Me? I liked it just fine, especially this recipe. Pancakes and waffles are regular meals at our table. The fluffy, buttermilk, flour kind. Less fluffy, little flour and no buttermilk...that is what they were expecting when I told them we were having breakfast for dinner.

The meal was a bit more labor intensive than others. Looking back I think it was because I used the blender to make all 3 recipes and when I wanted to start the next one I had to find a container for the batter/mix & clean it out to begin the next. Not a complaint, just didn't think about it prior. It all worked.

I tried to turn them over too quickly with each batch. It is quite important that you let them cook, as the recipe states, and have a good spatula for flipping. I finally found flame on the stove which would cook slow enough not to burn and let the oven do the final baking. I found this balance on the final batch.

This recipe will become a regular that I make, because it is GF and a great snack for the afternoon & kept well in the fridge for a couple of days. I shared some with my friend, Aly, a hero in my world of triathlon, and her kids. She had just finished a hard run session and was hungry. They hit the spot! Her kids, like mine, expected fluffy pancakes, but tried them. Not exactly fans. But Aly was.

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
bananas, white rice
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
I used brown rice, Mango instead of banana and Flax milk. I added the vanilla which was suggested, as well as cinnamon and fresh ground nutmeg.
What I'll try next time:

How it scored:
Chas: 1
Jonathan: 3.5 (he has taken the liberty to start adding .5's into the scoring)
'becca: 5
Aly: 5
Aly's kiddos (5, 3, 1):1 

So there you have it, Breakfast For Dinner in 3 parts, 1, 2 & now three. Don't worry, Chas never will go hungry. He made himself a peanut butter & jam, brought it to the table and was satisfied. 

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