Egg & Greens Sandwich

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My most favorite meal to share is breakfast. I love dinners which last for hours and meeting for lunches out, but breakfast...breakfast requires much effort and/or much comfort. If you share a breakfast meal you, most likely slept under the same roof the night before or had to wake early to meet at a diner or the home where the meal is being served. Most breakfast meals are shared among family and few among friends. OK, I'll give you the semi-awkward hotel lobby continental breakfast. Not much effort or comfort really exist in a room where you step on sugary cereal and fight over the strawberry yogurt; where kids arrive in their jimjams and adults in their house shoes. 

I make breakfast for my family most mornings. Pancakes, waffles, scones, steel cut oats, smoothies, eggs, bacon, yogurt w/ fruit and nuts, sweet breads, breakfast burritos and upon occasion there is a morning of toast with jam, a bowl of cold cereal or a trip to the doughnut or bagel shop. I am a believer that a real breakfast makes any day better.

Jonathan's job requires a bit of travel and most often his flights leave during the 6am hour. When this happens I wake early and make him breakfast. Really, I do. I always ask the night before and I'd be telling a fib if I didn't secretly hope he said, "Naa, you sleep in, I'll grab something at the airport." He never has and probably never will. Although I may be a bit grumpy until the coffee is finished dripping, I am always, always thankful for the time together before he's away for a few days. 

This meal was prepared for him at 4am before he headed to Orlando for a week. I served it with a side of plain Greek yogurt topped with walnuts and chia seeds and a mug of black coffee from Heroes

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry: 
Nothing! I had everything I needed. 
For the greens I used kale.
Additions & Subtractions:
I didn't use a lemon and I used loaf wholegrain bread, not rustic.
What I'll try next time:
I'd add a little cumin to the eggs and serve with salsa or freshly diced tomatoes. Chopped cilantro would be a nice addition too. It would be good wrapped in a wheat tortilla or served egg atop greens for those who do not eat bread. That's me; no gluten for this gal. 
How he scored the meal:
He gave it a 5 

I did not make this meal for Elliott and Chas. They ate a piece of toast and jam in the car on the way to the pool at 5:45am. Currently they are swimming 2 days a week before school and on those mornings a little something is sleepily eaten on the way and after they have oatmeal, fruit, dry cereal, rice cakes and peanut butter or a meat sandwich. Their swim morning breakfasts are in need of some work. In due time...in due time. 

What is your favorite meal to share with family and friends, breakfast, lunch or dinner? 

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