Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce, Part 2

Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce, page 234

Make sure you check out Part 1 for a little background on choosing the meal and peek into the most wild day of the week for our family.

This dinner could not have been more of a success. I think the pictures speak for themselves...
Chas was in the kitchen with me most of the time. He did much of the measuring and mixing and he loved it. He has spent time in the kitchen with me before, but prefers to be outside. It was cold and rainy and I'd said no to all things electronic. It may not have been his first choice today, but I believe in the future it may.
The best part - Squishing and SQUISHING!
Elliott came in, from what had now turned to a drizzle, to help chop peppers & tomatoes. Tiny little pieces and not a single sliced finger. 
I had a few ripe tomatoes, so we crushed our own instead of using canned. 
shaping the meatballs...I'll spare you all the boy jokes that were made as they worked. 
"And the meatball says..." Parents, name that show.
Chas' snap of me sauteing the meatballs before placing in sauce to simmer.

We had a great time in the kitchen together and talked about making healthy decisions for our bodies. If we want to continue to share in an active lifestyle, especially triathlon, these decisions are a must. It was especially encouraging to watch Chas chop veggies and place them in the sauce, knowing that was what he would be served for dinner. Elliott wanted his over noodles, Chas wanted his plain and I had mine over a bed of spinach. It was Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce 3 Ways.

The meatball simmered. The table was set. The food was blessed. And we all had seconds. 

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
I went to the grocery after the boys chose this for dinner and I didn't forget anything on my list. Perfect!
Additions & Subtractions or method changes:
I substituted venison for beef. My brother-in-law and daddy are hunters, to which we benefit.
I placed stale GF bread chunks in the Blendtec w/ fresh basil to make the bread crumbs
I omitted the red pepper flakes, for the boys.
Less olive oil. I was very light on the oil when sauteing  prior to simmer. A woman in my 30's, not a calorie burning professional, but an amateur -- I have to watch the calories and fat.

What I'll try next time:
I'd like to split the meat, adding the pepper flakes to half.

How it scored:
Elliott: FIVE
Chas: 5+
'becca: Perfect 5!

It was enjoyed so greatly, they both asked if they could take some in their lunches tomorrow.

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