Breakfast for Dinner Part 1: Rice Smoothies

Rice Smoothies, 253

Sunday was a breakfast for dinner night and a 3 recipe menu. This is the first of the three. We are a smoothie lovin' family. Mine are green. Packed with kale, sprinkled with chia & flax, made smooth with plain Greek yogurt, almond milk and frozen bananas. Jonathan tolerates the green, but prefers the berry, which is the favorite for Chas and Elliott. While I don't have a strict recipe, they end up quite similar and glasses are rarely left full.

Fact: The rice smoothie had some serious competition.

Kitchen Action:
Lacking in Pantry:
I had plenty of uncooked rice, but was out of cooked rice. I keep on hand bags of this to use in a pinch. It came in handy when I'd used all of the cooked rice in the recipes I'd prepared for the meal.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
I didn't follow the recipe that well. I used more 3 times the amount of yogurt, brown rice and a little honey.

What I'll try next time:
I will give it another try for myself and I will follow the recipe. As for my boys, all 3, I will stick to the smoothies love best, lotsa berries, yogurt, a little orange juice and a handful of spinach. Don't tell Chas. The berry color covers up the green and he has no idea.

How it scored:
Jonathan: 2
Elliott: 1
Chas: 1
'becca: 3, I saved the boys and added them to my green smoothie the next day. 

I hope your morning began well; including some time to think about and rest in thankfulness. This morning I am feeling especially thankful and it is transforming into a feeling of joy. As you move today, may your body be fueled by yummy energy and your soul fueled by Joy. Check back soon for Rice & Banana (Mango) Pancakes and Sweet Potato Cakes. Mmmm!

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