Apple (Peach) Crisp

Apple (Peach) Crisp, page 256

Our family hopes you had a fun Halloween and enjoyed some treats and maybe even a few tricks. My boys woke to a hallway of fake spider webs and glow in the dark bugs to dodge on the floor. They made their way under the webs to the table for pancakes and vanilla steamers turned orange and then a trip to the dentist. Clean teeth for a sweet celebration. Yes. I am that mom.

Autumn is in full swing and the bins of apples are overflowing at the grocery & farmer's markets. Pick up a few extra and make this dish for a healthy, sweet treat this weekend. As expected, yes, it's delicious!
I made this GF. I typically don't use an all-purpose GF flour or bread mix as the recipe suggests. Instead, I mix my own, using flours I buy in bulk. Below you will see the mixture of flours I used. 
(clockwise top left) Mixing up the dry ingredients, grated butter added, smashing in the butter by hand, dry ingredients and butter mix
oat-flour-sugar-spices-butter mix and my very favorite apples ~ Honeycrisp. Ready to mix, then bake and eat. Yum!

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: Peaches, but I was making apple, so it worked out just perfectly.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: GF sub for 1/2 flour: 1/4 C rice flour, 1/4 C tapioca flour, 3 T almond meal. I reduced the butter from 1/2 C to 1/4 C (Remember I'm a momma not a pro, gotta make those cuts where I can, but never sacrificing taste or using margarine, always, always the real thing.)
What I'll try next time: Walnuts, I'll add walnuts and maybe even a mix of different apples, granny smith and honey crisp and gala.
How it Scored:
Jonathan: 4
Elliott: 3.5
'becca: 4.5
Chas: 2.5