Buffalo (Venison) Curry Empanadas

Buffalo Curry Empanadas, page 198

Sweetness and spicy wrapped in a pretty, fork crimped package, you must try this recipe. It's delicious! Even if you are unable to eat the crust, eat the filling in a bowl with a spoon or straight from the pan. I maybe did or I maybe did not. Guess.

I have not found a great gluten free pie crust recipe. I've played with a number of them, but they crumble. Not a large problem with pie or crisps, but as a pocket like these require, I'm afraid it would result in a crumbly mess. I'll keep looking and playing and if I find one, I will share.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in the Pantry:
Buffalo, jalapeno
Additions, Subtractions or Method changes:
Venison for Buffalo, Braggs for soy sauce, left out the jalapeno, but added a large squirt of Sriracha sauce and an extra tablespoon of curry powder.
What I'll try next time:
I'd like to try Buffalo, but I'd also like to find a far to purchase it. They sell it at the grocery for $9.99/lb which is quite pricey for my grocery budget. I'll play the lotto.

How it scored:
Joanthan: 5
'becca: the filling, 5
Elliott: 4, a little to much flour on the crust

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