Rice Cake RACE Review

It is 4:30 on Wednesday and it feels like noon on Monday. I am finding myself thankful that our boys have youth group tonight and are being fed there, because I have yet to make it to the grocery and have no idea what would be for dinner. I just have not found my groove since returning late on Monday from a trip to Galveston, Texas, where I raced in my first Ironman 70.3.

I have a number of recipes to review, but I wanted to back track to Rice Cakes. I traveled with a group to the race and prior to leaving I asked if there were any requests for car snacks, instead I had a race day request - Rice Cakes.

It was a training race for Shawn and he was testing a minimalist approach to racing. It was a race to test new things and this is where the rice cakes came into play. His plan was to place one in his aerobars and eat it half way through the ride. He carried the smallest amount of gear on his bike as possible. I'm not sure he even carried a water bottle or an extra tube and CO2. I believe he picked up water at the first Aid station and hoped he didn't get a flat. (He didn't.)

I packaged them in foil, folding them the way that is demonstrated in the cookbook. I was a little concerned about the sticky factor + heat + foil, but my concern wasn't necessary, as it turned out it worked great. He was able to easily open the cake and said it hit the spot. It tasted great and was like having real food on the ride, he shared.

He gave it a 5 for flavor, a 5 for holding it's shape and a 5 for race day food! I anticipate making a few more batches for him as he has a loaded race schedule this season and I'd be honored. I wonder how they will travel when he heads to Australia later in the year for a full? I may have to give him some lessons prior to his departure.

What's your race strategy? Do you have training races where you test new things or do you prefer to do that on actual training days? Are you a minimalist or a cautious racer? Tomorrow I'll have a new recipe to review. Thank you for being patient with me as I try to get back into a groove.

If you wanted to hear a little about my race and see some pictures, check here. I don't think I could have asked for more fun in 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running.

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