Braised Beef & Vegetable Stew

Braised Beef & Vegetable Stew, page 163

This meal has more of an autumn feel, than the extremely hot March day when it was prepared. But it was easy and I needed something I could put in the oven before soccer and have finished when we returned home. It was perfect for the situation, but I also look forward to eating it in front of a fire when it’s chilly outside. 

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry:
I chose this meal for its ease and because I had beef stew meat in the freezer. Baking in the oven for a few hours, provided me the opportunity to play the role of Soccer Shuttle Driver. I could throw it together, pop it in the oven and drive from field to field. This is my long excuse for saying I was missing many ingredients.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
Extra wine for stock, Bragg's liquid aminos for soy sauce, I was missing veggie pulp all together and added the following: mushrooms, a dash of celery seed, a splash of liquid smoke and 2 bay leaves,
What I'll try next time:
Juice Pulp, I'll add it. This sounds delicious. We have a great juicer, that decorates the cabinet above the oven. Sad, but honest.

How it Scored:
Jonathan: 3.5
Elliott: 4
Chas: 3.5 (meat only)
'becca: 3.5
DandyDog: 5 I found a small container in the back of the fridge and gave him the meat...happy, happy dog.

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