Fish Tacos (with a spin)

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The parents of Triple Threat Racing kiddos gathered to brainstorm and plan how we can raise funds for equipment for the team. If you are a triathlete, you understand it is not only an investment of time training, but a financial commitment as well. We have a number of companies who have chosen to partner with TTR graciously offering discounts and some have even chosen to go beyond that, kicking back a percentage of the purchase to the team. Guess who one of those companies is...drum roll...SKRATCH LABS!
If a purchase is made using the code they have provided (TTRacing) they are offering a discount and will make a donation to the team. So, if you have not ordered their cookbook, which I have highly encouraged you to do, you should do it, but order with the code. There is a link on the TTR homepage if you scroll to the bottom. (Before I have shared that there wasn't anything in this for me and really, there still isn't, but for the future of the sport and the team my boys are on...ya get the picture.)

Now, the Tacos with a Nimrod spin. I followed the recipe for the fish preparation, using taco seasoning I'd made a few weeks ago. Halibut was the fish I chose, for its thicker cut and how well it holds together. I followed the suggestion to use grapeseed oil and liked the results. 

The spin comes in the rice and with the tortillas. I added tomatoes, cilantro, black beans, diced chili's, cholula sauce and a bit of salt to the rice. Knowing one of TTR's junior elite athletes is vegetarian, I wanted to provide an alternative to the fish. As the fish was cooking I heated the oven to 300 and pulled wonton wrappers from the fridge, grabbed a pastry brush and a little bowl of oil, grapeseed for consistency. 

I lightly brushed both sides of the wonton wrappers with oil and placed them into a muffin tin, making a little bowl. Next, I baked them for a few minutes, until they bubbled and began to brown around the edges. After I allowed them to cool on a wire rack, I put a large spoonful of the rice mixture into each wonton bowl topping it off with a couple of pieces of fish making little fish taco bowls. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat the them because of the gluten factor, but I made sure to have a little bowl of rice and another of fish, to wrap in corn tortillas. I tried to see if the corn tortillas would make the little bowls, but they broke when I put them in the muffin tins. Not quite as cute, but I know they were just as tasty. 

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry:
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
Buckwheat flour for regular flour and wonton wrappers for wheat tortillas
What I'll try next time:
greens, some sort of chopped greens between the rice and fish
How it Scored:
Again, I didn't get numbers from people. They were shared with a group, ages 5 - 48 and the comments were positive. I'm giving it a 5.


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