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93 more days until London 2012 and hopefully a party to watch the opening ceremonies and parties in the days following to watch certain events. No doubt, I'll serve recipes from The Feed Zone. Are you a fan of the Olympics? I certainly am! I love the emotion and watching dreams achieved, the smiles and the tears. I especially love the moment the athletes spot that person (read as mom) in the crowd.
I cry. Every. Single. Time. 
When this commercial was sent to me earlier this week, I knew I had to share it. I shared it over here, but wanted to share it here too. I know it's not a recipe review, but take note of the breakfast meals served. 

Yesterday was a TTR swim morning, that really wasn't. I got a T3 (my coaching) email, mixed up with TTR (boys coaching), which resulted in boys ready to swim on a day when I was suppose to swim. It all worked out. They had a great workout and I watched, getting my swim workout in later in the day. After they finished and we were poolside breakfast, one of the coaches*, said something along the lines of, "Hey, we have that commercial right here." I laughed and said I better get my emails straight, but inside I was dreaming. What if...

Yesterday morning around 6:30 after 5am swim...
Breakfast poolside after a 5am workout: Oatmeal and Scones. The oatmeal was instant and from a package, but I baked the scones the night before. One out of 2...
I have not yet tried the recipe on page 55, Sweet Potato & Egg Burritos, but next week will. If I make them the night prior, I think they will be a great after swim breakfast. Make sure to check back to see how they scored. 

*I'd emailed the link to each of their coaches telling them thanks for making a difference in the lives of my boys. For their dedication and work and investment, I am thankful. Who will you share this commercial with?

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