Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla, page 60

The introduction to this recipe speaks of riding through Spain, about it being a favorite meal and that is where I stopped reading. Bad idea. Had I read a bit further I'd have read these words, "...it's a simple and filling frittata..." and saved myself a flop.

I've not made a Spanish Tortilla before, but a frittata, I know. In trying to stick to the recipe, I cooked the ingredients as instructed, noticing the similarities to a frittata, but my head was half way between a bike ride in Spain and reality*, Thursday night reality, with a dose of husband away on business for the week.

When I make a frittata, I cook it almost all the way through on the cook-top, then pop it in the oven to finish. I do not invert to a plate, transferring it back to the pan, making the top golden. This is where I had the trouble and where reading the entire 2 sentence introduction would have been to my advantage.

I flipped it. It spilled, because I'd not cooked it long enough. I could clean the counter later, but I was hungry and about to be on the sidelines of the soccer pitch for 2 hours. So, I quickly pulled out a larger skillet making a Spanish Tortilla Scramble.

When it had finished cooking, I scooped some in a bowl with a squirt of Sriacha. Between tossing laundry from the washer to the dryer and hustling boys to the car, I took a bite and another. It may have been chaos all around, but I knew what it must taste like riding bikes in Spain.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry:
Nothing, the beauty of this recipe is that it has many ingredients many people have on hand.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes:
I used less olive oil when cooking the potatoes, just enough to make them crisp.
What I'll try next time:
I think it would be delicious with sweet potatoes and a little extra nutmeg, maybe topped with a sprinkle of goat cheese.
How it Scored:
Elliott: 4, had 2 bowls
'becca: Sad it wasn't pretty like the picture, it did taste great. 4.5.
Chas: Would not even try it, because he heard me say to Elliott that it was a flop. He made himself dinner, cheese quesadilla.

*evening chaos when the flop occurred was a combination of the following:
10 minutes before we needed to be in the car
laundry in the washer which needed to get to the dryer
boys finishing homework
DandyDog needed to be walked
Soccer bags double checked for gear and water bottles
tortilla mess all over the counter and cook-top

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