Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos, page 133

There are times in our lives when a few nights of meals delivered by friends make a difference. When people we care about have had a loved one pass away or have a new baby, a medical procedure or even the loss of a family pet, knowing a meal will be delivered allows for a deep breath and time to embrace the moment – whatever that moment may present.

What is your go to meal to deliver to a friend? Tacos are most often delivered when it’s my turn to provide a meal. Last week, a close friend was having a medical procedure & I said I’d bring dinner for them that night. I usually use ground turkey in place of beef, but there were some twists to my typical recipe which Chef Biju shares in this recipe.

For instance, I buy my taco seasoning. No specific brand; most often it is the one which is the least expensive and I use 1 ½ packets to 1 pound of meat. This time I didn’t buy the packets, but made the taco seasoning on page 295. I doubled the recipe and added a jar to the bag in which the dinner was being delivered. I highly recommend making the seasoning, but don’t try to freshly grind the pepper unless you have an electric grinder or kids who like to turn the knob. Six tablespoons of ground pepper…that’s quite a bit!

The meal fed our family of 4, their family of 4 and we had enough left over for the boys to take “taco bowls” in their lunches the following day. I really liked the extra flavor from the Bragg’s and will use plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Turkey Tacos…another successful dinner from The Feed Zone!

Kitchen Action
Lacking in pantry:
I had everything, thanks to a trip to the grocery.
Additions, subtractions or method changes:
Bragg’s liquid aminos for soy sauce and left out the jalapeno
What I will try next time:
I’ll add the jalapeno and try it with a pico de gallo (page 287)

How it Scored:
Jonathan: 5
Elliott: 5
Chas: 5
‘becca: 5
Family Friends: I received a text from my friend’s family that the tacos were delicious, so I’ll call that a 5 too FIVE ALL AROUND!

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