Whole Roasted Chicken

Whole Roasted Chicken, page 249

A whirlwind of a weekend has come to a close. More meals were eaten in restaurants and on the go this weekend than meals around the table, but not Sunday night. I finally thawed the chicken I had frozen and we enjoyed it as a family.

The boys had a fantastic first IronKids race on Saturday. One of their teammates qualified for IronKids Nationals, another was voted best smile on the course, but ALL of them raced well and had a blast. I am not exactly sure if it is the case for all 5, but I know that for Elliott and Chas it was their first open water swim triathlon. I was so very proud of them, as I am only semi-over my fear open water swimming. It's not the swim or the green water, but the creatures which call it home...I like my fish on a plate, well seasoned eaten with a fork.

Elliott helped me make this dinner. He was my veggie man, slicing, salting, peppering, garlic-ing and stirring.I looked over at him and love seeing his TriTat number on his shoulder. So proud of him. He raced in the morning, then slept in the car for a few hours, so we could make it back for his state soccer tournament. He played well on Saturday as left forward and later as keeper, but on Sunday his performance as keeper was exceptional. It was fun to watch, but had me biting my nails. The team they played I later learned is nationally ranked and often wins games in the area, by 8 - 12 goals. Only 2 got past Elliott. They ended up loosing 2-0. There is always next year...

Back to the chicken...I followed the recipe, only changing the veggies and their amount. My chicken was a bit larger than the on in the recipe, requiring longer baking. Instead of the early dinner I hoped for, we ate at our usual soccer practice evening time.

I do not think I could have stuffed another veggie in the dish.
I have roasted many chickens, but I ordinarily do not cover them with foil to bake. This one was extra juicy. I think I'll add this to all of them I roast at home. 
And boy were were thankful.

Thankful for the weekend, our health, the food we were about to enjoy, but mostly for those we were sharing the table. Some moments I overwhelmed with gratitude...this night was one. 

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: I remembered to thaw the chicken, so it was all good.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: Change in veg, adding mushrooms, grape tomatoes, green bell pepper and sweet potatoes.
What I'll try next time: Getting started a little earlier.
How it Scored:
I forgot to ask for a score from everyone, but my guess is a round of 4.5's or 5's. Elliott asked for it in his lunch & Chas, who had already fallen asleep for the night, woke, came to the table, finished a plate and stayed. His favorite part -- the skin.

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