Fruit and Ginger Cream

Fruit and Ginger Cream, page 254

Heavy whipping cream and my family are friends, great friends. For me it has been a growth process, but for my boys it has always been preferred. My mom makes a killer french silk pie. It's to die for, delicious! When I was young I'll never forget the first time she made it with fresh whipped cream. Having not ever had it and a lover Cool Whip by the spoon, I was unpleasantly surprised by its lack of sweetness.

I'm happy to report, my taste-buds have grown up and the thought of Cool Whip makes me cringe. There is nothing like fresh whipped cream on top of: scones, pancakes, fruit, warm pound cake, french silk pie, coffee, on a spatula as you make sure to empty the bowl completely - you get the picture. I am also happy to share, my boys have known fresh whipped cream since they were old enough to eat scones. The love fresh whipped cream, but also enjoy squirts of whip cream from a canister, especially when we play for distance. (please see note at end)

As I flipped through The Feed Zone for the first time, this recipe caught my eye. Surprised? Last night for dessert I served bowls full of berries, topped with cream. I made enough to have extra, because I had a scone delivery to make to a friend. Now I can deliver scones AND fresh whipped cream.

I will make it again, playing with the additions. I really liked the addition of ginger, but not 100% a fan of the liqueur I chose.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: St. Germain elderflower liqueur
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: Grand Mariner for St. Germain 
What I'll try next time: To buy St. Germain for a tablespoon or not? That is the question. I'm not sure I will, but may try Chambord or another liqueur or just use honey as the recipe note suggests.
How it Scored:
Elliott: 1
Chas: 1
Jonathan: 4
'becca: 3

Note: If you are a momma or daddy and especially if you are an uncle or auntie you must play this game with the kiddos in your life: Whip Cream for Distance.
Object: No messes and much laughter
How to play: Kiddo lays down on the ground on his or her back with mouth wide open. Adult stands directly above kiddos head with canister of whip cream. Starting with arm fully extended below, squirt a bit into kiddo's mouth. Gradually moving up higher and higher until you miss. If you are brave you can switch places, allowing the youngster the opportunity to make it in your mouth.

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