Ham and Cheese Burritos

Ham and Cheese Burritos, page 135

I had very high hopes for this recipe. As you are already aware, we are a family on the go, but we are also a family who tries to sit around the table for dinner as often as possible. Jonathan and I have it down to a science on soccer nights. I take boys to soccer pitch and either watch for a bit or go for a run, Jonathan shows up, we visit a few minutes, I leave to go home and prepare dinner, they arrive after practice and if dinner is finished we eat right away, if not, I finish cooking, boys clean up and prep for the next day, then we gather around the table, give thanks for our many blessings, share a meal and talk about our day. Phew, that sounds like much, but really, it flows well. 

OK, it flows well when Jonathan is in town. When he is out of town, it does not. (Enter: high hopes) Recipes like this, which are able to be prepared, wrapped and frozen would be great on nights when I'm doing my best to keep it together. Soccer is almost finished for the spring season, but triathlon is picking up. I know these will come in handy.

I did not change the recipe much, but did adapt it for myself and other GF folks.
I used an extra egg, because, well just because we like eggs.
I made the salsa fresh: grape tomatoes, jalapeno, red onion, lots of cilantro, the juice of a lime and salt. It was a nice addition to the top of the burritos.

I soaked white beans during the day with large slices of onion and salt and finished cooking them in the evening. Our family prefers rice to potatoes, so I prepared brown rice in the rice cooker to add to the ham and bean mix. I was unable to find burrito size wheat tortillas at the grocery where I shop, so I used soft taco size, yielding 10 wheat and 3 corn.
 Elliott with 2 of the 3 burritos he ate after swim & soccer practice. He also requested that he take one in his lunch the next day.
The GF version: ham & bean mixture stuffed into warmed corn tortillas, topped with fresh salsa & sides of plain Greek yogurt & a favorite snack - Chip'ins.

I love chip'ins(exclamation point) My great pal, Amy, text me a picture of them weeks ago. She knows I'm always on the hunt for new GF snacks. I bought a bag. And I bought another and another. There has been no turning back. I love 'em. And I love Amy. And it's an extra special moment when I get to visit with her AND eat chip'ins at the same time.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: not-a-thing.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: Brown rice, not potatoes. A Mexican blend of cheese for straight cheddar, white beans, an extra egg and squirts of Sriacha for some.
What I'll try next time: not-a-thing.
How it Scored:
Elliott: 4
Chas: 3
Jonathan: 4
'becca: 4.5 (for taste, ease and hopefully helping on nights when I'm not keeping it all together and want to feed my boys well.)


  1. Chip'ins are the bomb. They are one of the best snacks out there. I have a Kettle Corn Business and so want to find out how they make these things. We have leftover pieces of corn that we just throw away.

    1. Oh yes they are! I use them as crackers, with cheese. I top them with cream cheese or almond butter. They are great with salsa or alone. I've tried all the flavors offered at the grocery where I shop, but Sea Salt are my favorite.

      Ohmigoodness...Kettle Corn flavored...I'd be in a heap of trouble.

      Kirk, thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you had a fantastic weekend.