Skratch, formerly Secret Drink Mix

Skratch, formerly known as Secret Drink Mix

I only have a few minutes to share a recipe. Elliott and Chas race in their first IronKids Triathlon tomorrow morning and guess what is packed in their transition bag? SKRATCH! It is the drink that fuels these kiddos and their parents during workouts and on race day.

We also are fans of the Everyday Skratch. (Parents, it's more affordable if your kiddos like to drink sports drinks just 'cause. And it has much less sugar.)

Order it HERE. (Code TTRacing will help kick back 15% to TTR kids)
How it Scores: 5's all around

Make sure to cheer for Triple Threat Racing tomorrow morning. Because I'm a momma and because I'm super proud of my boys and the team and because Skratch and The Feed Zone keep these kids going I'll probably post a race review and some pictures. Here's a start. A few of the Triple Threat Racers in their new kits...

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