Remaking & Remaking

Dearest Feed Zone Friends, I've been absent from here, but not from my kitchen. For over a week, I was flying solo. My young boys at my parents for what has become an annual event -- Camp BodeePops and my tallest, darkest and most handsome boy was across the pond in Rwanda. (See photo to the right. He returned with 80 lbs of green coffee beans, our favorite jams, spices and tea.)  I used this time to rack up some serious hours in my career as a volunteer, parking cars for the LPGA tournament, attending a couple of board meetings and working on a variety of things for KAAC. It was a week of very early mornings, triple digit temperatures, a new appreciation for white wine and a mostly failed attempt at learning to bake croissants, but the clafoutis turned out perfect.
 I'll admit I've cheated on The Feed Zone. Want to know with who? Larousse Gastronomique, that's who. I wonder of Dr. Lim and Chef Biju would approve? Gentlemen...are you there? Your approval, please. 

With that exposed, I'll also admit that I am remaking so many recipes from The Feed Zone. Last night I made Spicy Asian Soup and Spring Rolls, as Jonathan's first meal back from his most recent trip to Africa. This evening I made roasted salsa for the 4th or 5th time. I topped chicken breast with the salsa, black beans, lime juice and salt.
It is still cooking, so I'm not sure how it will turn out, but the smell is fantastic. I'll warm corn tortillas and call it a meal. Oh and I'll take a jar and a bag of Chippin's as part of my additions to our family 4 July celebration. I'm also bringing the cabbage recipe on page 284, avocado-white bean hummus, berry & cherry salad and wine. 
Happy 4 July!
I'd love to know how you will celebrate and if you are cooking something from The Feed Zone.
Celebrate well. 
Celebrate tasty. 
Celebrate safely. 

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