Pasta with Smoked Salmon

Pasta with Smoked Salmon, page 227

If you look closely to on the left in the picture above you can see that sometimes films keep me company in the kitchen. I have a long list of films, shows and movies in instant queue on Netflix and I rarely watch them. I search, add to my list to watch, then they sit for weeks, months. But this day I was watching It Rains in My Village, a film with subtitles. Probably not the best choice for multitasking. It was sad and true and difficult and not something I'd choose to watch again. I did however like the smiles of the men in the band. (I'm watching Turtles Can Fly tonight.)
 This {above} happened when I used plain, fat free yogurt. Curdled Yuck! It was fresh yogurt, but I should have known better when I purchased fat free. Is fat free ever really better? I'd like to know your thoughts on that. Do you buy full fat or fat free or does it depend on the item? 

I strained the veggies and pitched the broth and yogurt, then started over. This time, I simmered the veggies in broth, until cooked and did not add the yogurt until it was finished cooking and had cooled a bit. I only had enough plain Greek yogurt left to make this and was trying to avoid a trip to the grocery before dinner. 

As the veggies cooked, I boiled pasta, 1 rice and 1 whole wheat and also prepared the salmon. I decided to buy salmon steaks, cook them and flake into the pasta. This gave us more fish in the dish, something we all enjoy. We, excluding Chas, dear sweet pasta with butter, salt and sometimes Parmesan cheese Chas. 

The temperature was almost 100 outside and I wanted something cool for dinner. I cooked this early and refrigerated for a few hours before dinner. The result ~ perfect summer dish! I am sure it is equally delicious warm. Something to try when the temperatures are not soaring.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: Smoked Salmon
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: salmon steaks, flaked for smoked salmon; Greek yogurt added after the veggies were cooked in the broth and cooled a bit; extra peas and I cooked 2 kinds of pasta, GF* & FG**
What I'll try next time: I'll add capers. I had them in the pantry, but just forgot. Oops.
How it Scored:
Jonathan: 4.5
'becca: 5
Elliott: 3
Chas: didn't try it

*Gluten Free

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