Lemon and Herb Salmon

Lemon and Herb Salmon, page 233

Well hello there. Sorry for the long absence. How's your summer been? The only excuse I have for being away so long is this: long days lead to late nights, packed with as many day trips, weekend trips, week long trips as possible, resulting in time away from the kitchen. We recently enjoyed time in Chicago, where I picked up a darling new butter dish and Himalayan sea salt. Wanna see?
We returned home refreshed, not exhausted, ready for the school year to begin, triathlon to wrap up and the soccer season just around the corner. Starting 15 August, soccer will consume 4 evenings and 1 morning of our week. I have a feeling the recipe I'm going to share will become a regular this fall. It's easy and protein packed and all but 1, guess who, loved it. 

 I used mint and lemon, brought to a boil, then let is cool a bit. I was waiting on rice to finish cooking and didn't want the fish to be cold when served. I had a skinless fillet, but cooked it the same as I would have with skin. (No peeling required, which is totally fine with me.)

Using the same spoon I use when poaching eggs, I pulled it from the water and placed it on a cotton towel to drain.
It didn't require much salt and pepper and each of us could taste the lemon and mint. I'm not sure if that is because I boiled it first, letting it sit for about 45 minutes. Thoughts? I served it with a spinach & tomato salad, corn on the cob & rice, then for dessert, blueberries with cream.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: Nothing.
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: I used fresh mint, instead of the herbs listed
What I'll try next time: Try different combinations of herbs and maybe even try the poaching method with other types of fish.
How it Scored:
Jonathan: 4
Elliott: 4
'becca: 4, much better than I thought. I wasn't too sure about the poaching method, but am convinced it's the way to go on a night when a quick fish fix is needed.
Chas: "I don't like salmon."

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