Ham and Swiss Sandwich

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Jonathan and I started a spin class this week. It's begins ten minutes after five o'clock in the morning. My alarm sounds at 4:33, giving me enough time to pull on clothes, clean my teeth and use the bathroom. I grabbed the water bottles I'd filled the night before (2 extra minutes of sleep saved) and drove to the gym. Isn't it completely natural, that marital bonding would happen on the spin bike?Who had this brilliant idea anyway? Mine, it was completely my idea. Yup, me, the one who made the call, pressed the numbers, handed over the debit card and BAM! just like that we were registered. As I'm questioning my brilliance, I'm also ready for lunch at 10:30 sharp. Please help, is this what happens at the end of triathlon season?

After an hour of flats and sprints, climbs and 2's and 3's and my desire to go aero, which is totally uncool in a spin class, I was hungry and all I had on my mind was this recipe. I'd seen it the day before & picked up the ingredients. When we got home, I walked in the door, woke Elliott, walked DandyDoodle and got to work.

Feed Zone Pals, it's easy. Super easy and so yummy and healthy and either FG* or GF** depending on how you fix it.

 I fully intended to get ham from deli, but forgot. I had to stop at Sam's later in the day, so I picked up a package of Black Forrest Ham there. Not freshly sliced, but it worked.

This is FG sourdough. I cooked it on both sides, then topped it with the Swiss for a few minutes to melt. Next, I added the ham before transferring it to a plate, topping it with kale and then the eggs. For mine I used Udi's Millet-Chia bread. It's my favorite.

I was in Chicago last week. I knew it would be a wild week for Jonathan. Chas was headed to Mexico, Elliott had student council early and soccer in the evenings, school drop off and pick up, lunches to pack, breakfast and dinner to make...the list continues. I knew Jonathan could handle it and with no trouble he did. He even discovered at Walmart they had a package of 40 Eggo Waffles for under $7.

This is why I love him. He knows what our boys like, ex: waffles for breakfast, and he know exactly what he can handle. He knew making waffles like I do, from scratch, 2 at a time in the waffle iron, would not be possible, but he wanted to give them a breakfast they loved. So he did. Just in a different way. I share this to let you know instead of a Ham and Swiss Sandwich with a poached egg, Elliott wanted waffles. And not the waffles I fix.

Kitchen Action
Lacking in Pantry: Nothing
Additions, Subtractions or Method Changes: Sauteed kale for salad greens, poached the eggs instead of over easy, skipped the mayo
What I'll try next time: I think I'd keep it the same. Maybe if it was fixed for lunch, I'd use salad greens and keep them raw & add mayo.
How it Scored:
Jonathan: 5
'becca: 5 (x5 that's how many times I could have eaten it that morning)
Elliott: waffles and fake syrup. (not only do our boys love Eggo, they also prefer Mrs. Butterworth's to Maple.

*FullaGluten **Gluten Free for those who may be new. I'm GF, but my family is FG. I make it work when I can and share with you how, just in case you are in the same situation.

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